Fenice Software for architectural surveys

The complete situation regarding your property in a single planimetry. Fenice Software was developed with greater attention to the improvement of a key phase of building representation, the Architectural Survey.

The architectural survey is an activity that allows us to understand the building as a whole, taking into account all its structural characteristics. In fact, thanks to the trilateration method, Fenice performs fast and accurate architectural surveys, an essential process for monitoring the status of real estate assets.

Fenice is ​​a useful tool for:

  • Architectural surveys
  • System inventory
  • Documentation, Cataloguing and control of the existing situation (buildings, floor plans, equipment, installations) on a centralised database

With Fenice it is possible to draw and modify floor plans directly on the web, using a tablet without the aid of CAD programs. Using Fenice Software, the compartments are drawn directly on site using the keyboard, with the tablet pen, or acquired directly with a laser measuring device, with the possibility of combining simple and complex figures, including shapes that are typical of historical buildings.

The digital management of a property with all its data allows for a constantly updated picture: accessing the Fenice web portal in real time allows the updating of the changes to buildings and their areas.

During the return phase, Fenice Software generates an online SVG convertible into DWG, the resulting floor plans are compatible with the design and facility management software.

The Fenice team has developed UCAD, an innovative system designed to upload floor plans without the aid of other design software. Autonomous and fully integrated with Fenice, UCAD is innovation developed by our development team and will be available on the market from 2017.

Video demo