The strengths of Fenice software

An integrated Cad for architectural surveys and modifications

The Fenice Software CAD module enable all operators to simplify the architectural survey procedure in the field, viewing the changes instantly. Finally, thanks to the integrated Cad application UCAD, with Fenice you can upload the floor plans without the aid of additional software.

Real-time asset and systems inventory

Fenice Software gives you the power, flexibility, security and control of your activities in real-time. While performing survey and inventory activities, operating with a device connected to the Internet, you can change the arrangement of areas and the inventory of assets. Thus, you can monitor the progress of your work to better coordinate even more teams on different projects, in real time.

Compatible with other facility management systems

Fenice is compatible with other graphics and management software, and with the most popular Facility Management systems, both online and offline. All information entered can be collected in exportable reports in common file formats.

Reduction of costs and processing times

Fenice Software it is possible to integrate the design and database. You can insert assets in floor plans with all the necessary information, enclosing photographs and documents. In addition to recording and storing all the data, you can update, modify, and manage data on surveys and inventories you have performed, eliminating back office costs.

Totally secure Cloud and multi-devices

Fenice is a secure and reliable software with in Cloud data management. The IBM Softlayer servers used by Fenice minimises the running costs of the service and it is secure and reliable. All Fenice servers are strictly clustered and depending on requirements it is possible to have a dedicated server.